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50 blog post ideas for businesses

You know that blogging is important to help you market your business, but what the heck should you write about? This PDF contains 50 ideas specifically for businesses to help you get started!

holly casto pinterest checklist

We all love Pinterest (some might say I have a bit of an addiction), but are you using it effectively to drive traffic to your business? Here are some tips you might not have considered.

holly casto batching planner

This 3-page planner will help you use the batching concept to plan your schedule so that you boost your productivity and get more done in less time.

Untitled design (5).jpg

Use this printable worksheet to easily calculate your costs, wholesale prices, and retail prices for all of the products in your shop!

holly casto narrow your niche worksheet

This printable worksheet will help you take all of your different interests and narrow them down into a clear & profitable brand.

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This 6-page workbook will help you to define your target customer, and know them like the back of your hand.